By an eye doctor, for eye doctors.
It's just what you need.

Each eye care practice has its own special rhythms and its own special needs. Appointments need to be made, prescriptions filled, reminders sent out, and new patients brought in the door. Created by an eye doctor, WebSystem3® answers every communications need of a busy practice. It's easy, it's automatic, and all messages are branded to your office, promoting your image, not ours.

Keep your appointment book filled

Intelligent appointment requests

Here's the easy way to manage appointments! Let your patients look online or via mobile to see exactly when there's an appointment available in the office they want to visit, with the doctor they want to see. Patients love it – and so will your staff.

Automatic reminders and confirmations

By email, text or voice message, you can remind patients about their appointments and receive confirmations that they plan to come in. These automatic reminders and confirmations make sure your patients remember their appointments – and show up!

Automated recalls

Get patients in more frequently with automatic recalls. WebSystem3 reads the actual recall date for a patient in your practice management software and automatically cues up a recall email, phone call or text message.

Rx ready notices

Patients know right away that their prescriptions are in, thanks to email, text and phone messaging options. Your staff saves time and your patients appreciate the prompt notice.

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Bring New Patients to your Practice

Visible online reviews

Online reviews on Google, Yelp and Yahoo give new patients lots of good reasons to choose your office over other eye care professionals. WebSystem3 makes it easy to get positive reviews from your patients.

Social media marketing

We make it easy to "go viral." In addition to using Google, Yelp and Yahoo, patients can also post their review to Facebook – leveraging the power of social media to grow your practice.

Easy referrals

Word of mouth is always the best advertising. Every single email you'll send out has a "Refer-a-Friend" link, making it easy for your patients to share your contact information with their friends, family and social network.

Keep patients happy and loyal

Communicate any way – phone, text, or email

With WebSystem3, you can let your patients choose how they want to be contacted by your office – email, text or phone. From then on, communication is automatic, easy, and welcomed by your patients.

Custom mobile app

Busy patients love the convenience of communicating with your office from their mobile device. With the integrated VisionApp, they can even request appointments, order contacts and more from their iPhone, Android or other mobile device.

Patient satisfaction survey

Keep your patients happy! After each visit, send out our thank-you email, which includes a link to a satisfaction survey. You'll find out what your patients like most about your practice – and what you can do to improve.

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Build Your Practice with Promotions

Fast and easy email campaigns

Keep in touch with your patients using our ready-to-go emails, branded to your practice. Every email you send out enhances the prestige and reputation of your practice.

Quarterly newsletters

Position yourself as the expert with quarterly newsletters featuring accurate, relevant and timely articles about eye care. These newsletters are branded to your practice, positioning you as the expert.

Timely personal messages

Send thank-you emails, reminders, happy-birthday notices, Rx-ready emails, and other helpful, timely messages to your patients. Regular communication enhances the perceived value of your relationship with your patient.

Custom branding

All emails, messages, newsletters and other promotions are branded to your practice, so they look like custom communications you've created from scratch. But they're actually all cued up and ready to go without taking precious time from your staff.

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